Complete Predictions


Bhagya Chakra has expertise to Complete Predictions of your problems. We are expertise in following

  • Detailed birth chart interpretations
  • Results of all the 12 astrological houses in life
  • Personality and life analysis
  • Financial affairs, wealth and prosperity
  • Career prospects
  • Children matters
  • Marriage and love affairs
  • Detailed Numerology report including lucky numbers

Complete Predictions report has full remedies including favourable gemstones, mantras, puja, yantras, and suggestions from red book. You can also ask any questions regarding your life.

  • Career Forecast

    Career is a very important aspect in our life, you can become aware about anything and everything related to your career here. Our report will help you know you career growth, your pitfalls and most importantly which is the right time for your career growth.

    The points that will be covered here are as follows:

    • Astrologically suitable professions for you and type of profession that will give you satisfaction.
    • Make decisions whether to choose service or business
    • Analysing yogas that will make your career bright
    • Identifying astrological combinations, adverse yogas that can act as barrier for your career
    • The relationship that would exist between you, your boss and higher authorities
    • Number of times you would change you job, promotions
    • Relocation chances on the basis of your job
    • Also report will show you remedial measures for removing obstacles at work and minimizing losses due to adverse planetary conditions.

  • Health Outlook

    As the saying goes "if you don't have good health, nothing else matters".

    The overview for your health throughout your lifetime. The followings areas will be covered in this report

    • Planetary configurations that may cause diseases to likely to attack your system
    • The chances of illness if any for coming next 10 years
    • Your ability to handle stress and your mental state
    • You can also ask specific questions related to your health in the consultation format.
    • Health related questions can be solved in consultation format
    • Analysis of Kaal Sarp Yoga, Gandmoola Nakshatra, and other yogas that can highly impact your health
    • You can astrologically findout at what point of time that particular ailment will be cured.

    Our report also includes remedial measures to improve your health situation and aid in fast recovery from ongoing ailments and provide general overall protection.

  • Children Matters

    We recommend horoscope analysis for Parents as well as children for number of matters, such as progeny, child's future etc

    The most frustrating experiences for couples is their inability to have children, our analysis will provide astronomical remedies to solve these problems

    • Progeny analysis – The predictions about child, his/her gender. Also favourable and unfavourable conditions to give birth to child.
    • Hurdles in having Children – Astrologically find out what the causes of hurdles such as Yogas, Doshas, or Curses from ancestors.
    • Relationships – The outline of relationship that you would share with your child and vice-versa. Analyzing if there exist any factors that would separate you from your children.
    • • If an astrological report is sought for a child we pay special attention to matters related to education, success in competition, sports, admission to schools and universities, etc.

    Remedial measures, wherever feasible, for mitigating negative results from above analysis is included.

  • Prosperity & Wealth

    PIn todays world wealth and propersity are of crucial importance.Report will provide you details on ways of improving health and prosperity that will lead you to spiritual plane in your lifetime

    Our report includes the following

    • Analysis regarding your financial status
    • Yogas (astrological combinations) and probabilities of sudden and speculative gains and inheritances
    • Timely analysis of increase and decrease in your wealth for you to easily manage your cash flow, assets, and debt accordingly
    • Analysis will be made of yogas such as Dhana Yoga and Raj Yoga and their time of manifestation in your life, also adverse conditions such as Daridra Yoga and self-destructive habits will be evaluated.
    • Appropriate timing for investment and recommended areas
    • avoid perticular area and timings for investment
  • Marriage & Compatibility

    Gift of Vedic astrology will help you to make a correct decision of your life partner or lover. We recommend matching horoscope to ensure a harmonious, balanced and healthy relationship for marriage.

    An astrologically mismatched couple put at stake, their health, wealth, happiness, success, and peace of mind, their future growth & prosperity - everything that makes life worthwhile.

    Horoscope matching is in vogue these days and most amateur astrologers merely compute the number of points in traditional matches yet we see marriages fail! Our comprehensive marriage report evaluates the following

    • Traditional Gun Milan – Ashkatoot analysis and computation of points out of 36
    • Manglik Dosh – Analysis of effect of malefic Mars on houses important for a happy married life
    • Longevity: Longevity of the boy and girl are checked carefully to see if there is a noticeable difference
    • Mental makeup or nature: Horoscopes are matched for their mental faculty so as to check whether their mental wavelength matches or not.
    • Progeny or ability to give birth to children: Evaluate promise for at least one child.
    • Health: Analyze health overall health of boy and girl.
    • • Separative Tendencies: In-depth analysis of any tendencies for separation, disputes or discord between the couple.
  • Signature Analyst

    It’s an interactive session to analyse whether the signature is matching to the planned goals & selected streams of studies‚ profession or personal life. Matching the signature with the goals of life means‚ matching the reservoir of subconscious mind as signature represents the subconscious mind‚ To achieve the success & satisfaction‚ our conscious goals should match the available potential of subconscious mind.